Holidaycheck / Tripadvisor Websites Support

  • Promotion Days –
    Content directly from your guests which stay in the Hotel to increase your Points
  • Awnsering of comments in German / English / Russian
  • Support for negative comments
  • Update and full Management your Holidaycheck Websites
  • Picture and Video Updates
  • News Updates
  • Profile Updates



Front Office Management

  • Auditing, Appraisal
  • Full Support for all shifts and service performances, e.g. check-in / check-out / night audit / concierge / porter
  • Process optimisation of all front office operations
  • Reservations Management Training
  • Yield Management Training
  • Telephone Training
  • Communication Training
  • Preparation / implementation or using of company SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) and job descriptions
  • EDP Training (Fidelio, Office, etc.)
  • Team Training
  • Guest satisfaction "care in-house"
  • Emergency Training
  • Report summary and determining follow up’s



Housekeeping Management

  • Auditing, Appraisal
  • Full support for all shifts and service performances / duties
  • Floor organisation
  • Establish or optimize effectiveness of storage rooms and offices
  • Development of a general cleaning master plan
  • Cleaning management for public areas
  • Organisation of the inventory
  • Room cleaning management
  • Process and organisation in the laundry room
  • Necessary technical equipment
  • Material planning and storage for supplies and equipment
  • Employee training and team scheduling
  • Preparation / implementation or usage of the company’s SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and job descriptions



Pre Opening Management

  • Project guidance and coordination of the front office area and housekeeping
  • Project guidance and coordination of IT/EDP and Entertainment / Events / Animation provided through our partner
  • Construction in progress management
  • Development of inventory and material lists for the above areas
  • Development of employee work schedules and employee budgets
  • Define operational standards / manuals (SOP’s) for the Front Office and Housekeeping from 4**** to 5***** Superior
  • Acquisition and casting new employees
  • Training employees for the above mentioned areas
  • Implementation of operation management



Mystery Checks

  • Detailed concept presentation and agreement with the client
  • Target group oriented, individual implementation of the checks
  • Presentation of ad hoc results at the location (if desired)
  • Preparation of the results
  • Development of rankings/ Overviews on a weekly, monthly or annual basis
  • Written presentation of the results via tables and points or grades
  • Development, implementation and analysis of guest and customer questionnaires


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